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Whole internet catalog


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Whole internet catalog

The contents on the internet can be edited, and changed anytime, so the internet never really ready, always in constant flux. It is the opposite, when it comes to printed media. Wikipedia is the digital version of a traditional encyklopedia, that is meant to be online. If someone wants to print wikipedia, it is a contradiction in itself. Impossible, because then it has to includes all versions of that specific article, expressing that printing internet is only just a fragment of the content, never the whole picture. So I made a four dimension enciklopedia, where you can experience the weight of time by showing all the edits and modification of a specific article. I choosed the Internet culture (category) from wikipedia and traced back with the Wayback machine from today until it has created around 2004, showing all the available edits and modifications on top of each other. Therefore the book embodies a confusion in this transitional time between analog and digital.