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My main influence was the very book: Post digital print by Alessandro Ludovico. It is a very important book about the evolution of publishing, especially for graphic designers. The end of the book contains a list of words to show the differences between the print and digital publishing. I didn't use all of them, I also have to change some of them. 

"One hundred keywords and concepts are listed in both their digital and paper incarnations. We end with this ‘conceptual slide show’ in an effort to temporarily ‘archive’ the current state of the research process initiated with this book, which is certain to be continued elsewhere – understanding fully well that print and pixel, cellulose and electricity are finally getting married (which is of course where the real problems begin), but also that their vital and dynamic relationship should above all be seen as an important historical opportunity for a new wave of meaningful, creative and independent publishing."

Score - Marton Kabai
Singers - Print (woman), Digital (man)

Mentor - Adriaan Mellegers


2015, Den Haag, KABK