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Intensive spaces of becoming have to be opened


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Intensive spaces of becoming have to be opened

In my thesis, I am trying to elaborate on the question: What are the consequences of the posthuman condition in graphic design. I am attempt to argue in favor of the resisting and reflecting ability that (graphic) design possess in the age staggering disconnection between the irreversible environmental crisis and the increasing expansion of techno-capitalistic ideology. The human race become a destructive geological force - as the Anthropocene refers - altering the biosphere, changing climate, driving species to extinction caused by human activity. Anxiety, apocalypse, panic. Information technologies, smart algorithms facilitate as well as surveil our everyday life. Excitement, optimism, innovation. The overwhelming dominance of the techno-capitalist ideology conceals the terrific waste and violence that the production requires. Nature becomes the victim of the egoistic agenda of capitalist production....