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Deceived wilderness (investigation against zoos)


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Deceived wilderness (investigation against zoos)

There are thousands of guilty places all over the world where people trying to re-stage wilderness and force it into their civilization by collecting, moving the elements that represent nature. But there is only one element that has an inner wilderness in it, the animals. Animals embodies nature, embodies the charming distance that is unreachable to humans. But humans are failing the idea of placing wilderness into captivity, making zoos guilty places, where animals are displayed merely a metaphor, a forgotten eco of wild nature. Forcing them into an artificial environment, which environment is familiar to human being. Environment triggers behaviour. By removing wilderness around the animal, taking away they freedom, we got a living object, which is not relevant anymore. What are the animals without their long walk, without the instinct to hunt or running away from predators, without their connection to day and night, without familiar smells and places, without accidents, without social life, without the scent of life, we end up being in captivity, objectified, measured, and exhibited. Since zoo animals no longer part of the unmeasurable wilderness, they can be measured with human measurements. They have weight, precomposed, well controlled meal, they have a folder with an identity number, they are property of the hungry human curiosity and amusement. They have a measurable living space, cage, yard, aquarium or terrarium. It can be measured precisely with square meters. The Royal Artis Zoo in Amsterdam inviting locals by saying: “You won’t find another spot in Amsterdam that has more nature per square metre.” Square meters are not able to define wilderness, square meters are the evidences, that zoos are a failed idea to bring closer the long forgotten notion of freedom. Zoos in itself are guilty places, with all the outdated components, from the beginning to the end. The existence of such a human experiment shows how disconnected we are from the nature, where once we have belonged.